What exactly is a SPAtoilet? How does it work?

The SPAtoilet® is a toilet seat with shower from below. If the SPA toilet fits on your toilet bowl (and that is possible
almost all cases!), your current toilet seat will be taken off and will be replaced with a SPAtoilet.
In short: no demolishing or breaking! The SPA toilet must then be connected on water and electricity. If you are in doubt, please contact us.

I'm not convinced yet. Is there a way I could try Spatoilet?

Ofcourse you can. Feel free to contact us, then we'll discuss the possibilities.

Is not it weird to have a toilet with an upwards shower?

We know; The first time takes getting used to it. But after week you do not want to change back. The first time sitting in a sauna is strange too no? Spatoilet, like a sauna, is a wellness product. 

Spatoilet has 3 years warranty. What does that warranty mean?

This means that if your SPAtoilet is not functioning properly within 3 years after buying it from us, you can call or email us. Our installer will first assess the sitiuation over the phone. If it is clear that it is something simple, you will receive phone
instructions of how to act. If the defect remains, the installer makes an appointment to visit you. The SPAtoilet can be fixe on location in most cases. If that is still not possible, we will do the repair at our office.
If a repair is no longer possible, you are entitled to a free replacement SPA toilet. Watch out: warranty
expires if you have not properly used or maintained the Spatoilet or have carried out any repairs yourself / someone other than Spatoilet.

What are the shipping costs?

Spatoilet does not charge shipping costs for orders in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, but inside the EU we charge € 25,20 per shipment.

What are my payment options?

You can pay through our website, or pay by invoice afterwards. If you wish, you can also pay in installments. Inquire about the possibilities.

Kan ik mijn Spatoilet® ook laten vergoeden door de Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning? (Wmo)

Dat klopt. In sommige gevallen kan dat, maar het verschilt per gemeente en hangt af van uw persoonlijke situatie. Bekijk eenvoudig onze ​Vergoeding Wmo​ pagina voor meer informatie in uw situatie.

There are multiple people who are interested in a SPA toilet in my area. Do I receive a discount?

If multiple SPA toilets can be installed in your immediate area in one day, then
we also have lower costs, both for labor and for travel expenses. We can forward that advantage to you in the form of a nice discount, so please contact us if this situation applies to you.

I might also need a toilet lift or handle next to a Spatoilet, can you arrange that too?

Of course we can arrange that. Spatoilet offers  seat handles, braces and a toilet lift. Check out our order page for our page with more information about accessories. Feel free to contact us and let us know.

You say that in nearly all cases the SPA toilet fits on the current toilet bowl. How do I know for sure that it fits my existing toilet bowl?

There are toilet bowls with a special design, such as rectangular or round instead of oval. In those cases, we determine on the spot if a SPA toilet fits or not. Please contact us.
With standard toiletbowls a free space of 49 cm is needed. Measured from the front (outside)
from your toilet bowl to the free space at the rear. If this is the case, then there is no problem.
If that is not the case, or if you are in doubt, please contact us.

My toilet is built-in into the wall, can I still get a Spatoilet?

Of course, Spatoilet fits almost any toilet. We advise you to make an appointment with us.

My toilet has an old, high-hanging cistern, with a string, can I install a Spatoilet?

Yes, you can buy a Spatoilet. Old or new, a Spatoilet fits almost any pot in combination with virtually every shower. We advise you to make an appointment with us.

I'm not a handyman. Is Spatoilet hard to install?

Als er bij u reeds een vrij stopcontact aanwezig is in het toilet en een vrije watertoevoer, dan is de installatie niet lastig. U kunt ervoor kiezen om het Spatoilet® door ons te laten installeren. Wij berekenen een meerprijs van € 245,00 inclusief btw, voorrijkosten, materialen. Wij geven u ook graag uitleg over de bediening van het Spatoilet.

I'm not great with computers, how do I operate the Spatoilet?

No need to worry. The control panel is practical and user-friendly. Spatoilet comes with an easy manual and our installers are happy to help you on your way.

What about the water supply for the Spatoilet?

No need to worry. Spatoilet fits almost every toilet. We can connect your Spatoilet to nearly any toilet, even if the water supply is built-in. The water is only heated when water is also needed and therefore Spatoilet is energy efficient.

I do not have electricity plug in my toilet, can the SPA toilet still be installed?

Indeed in most toilets, there is no separate power outlet. However, often a point of contact is nearby via
an adjacent room. In that case a hole of about 8mm can be drilled for
pulling a wire and installing a new outlet. If in doubt, contact us.

Mijn stortbak zit achter tegels verstopt, kan ik nu wel een Spatoilet® nemen?

Ja dat is mogelijk, u kunt gewoon een Spatoilet® aanschaffen. Het Spatoilet® moet natuurlijk wel van water worden voorzien. Wilt u hier zelf mee aan de slag? Bekijk dan onze installatievideo. Laat u het liever door ons doen? Dan werkt onze installateur de watertoevoer voor het Spatoilet® netjes af.

What will happen to my bathroom wall?

Spatoilet guarantees installation without slipping or breaking. We advise you to make an appointment.

Once my SPA toilet is installed, is it sitting higher than my current toilet seat?

Of course, that depends on your current toilet seat. The toilet seat of SPA toilet increases the height by approx. 1.5 cm. The
difference with your current session will, if there is any difference, also be minimal.

I think my current toilet bowl is too low. Is there anything you can do about that?

We offer two solutions to this problem:

(1 ) an extra high toilet seat is placed on your current toilet bowl, or
(2 ) or You purchase a new raised toilet bowl.
If you have a SPA toilet installed by us, we are happy to do this for you. For a
toilet booster suitable for mounting the SPA toilet, click here. A new
higher toilet bowl is available from about 30.00 euros in most bigger DIY stores. You can let us know and we will bring one with us when we come to install the Spatoilet.

My SPA toilet does not work anymore, but the warranty has expired. What now?

Then too, feel free to contact us by telephone or mail. Even then we first try or it
problem with telephone instructions can be remedied. If that does not work, then a repair appointment can be made. There are costs involved, these costs depend on the situation. If in doubt, contact us.

I'm moving, what now?

No problem, please contact us, we can ensure that your Spatoilet moves with you.