How to install Spatoilet

The Spatoilet® must be connected to water and electricity.

No chopping and breaking work is necessary, because your pot will remain standing. So no wall tiles need to be removed. That saves you a lot of work and hassle.

For a handyman, installation shouldn't be a big deal. Our instruction video can be helpful for connection to water. The necessary auxiliary materials (T-piece; hose, etc.) are supplied with the Spatoilet®.

After connecting to the water, the plug must be plugged into a wall socket. Usually this is not present in a toilet. How electricity can be obtained strongly depends on your own home situation. Beware: it is not advisable to 'tap' the electricity from the toilet light!

Watch the video below with instructions on how to install Spatoilet yourself at home.


Do you still have questions after the video? View our FAQ.