After the coffee and a bun with lamb cheese, it was time to get started.
The work went smoothly and prosperously without any problem! :-)
I did not need to see the pipeline's lead, that could just be pushed in by means of a flexible tube between them.
The wire that was "over" I rolled up and fastened it to one of the Spatoilet mounting bolts.

My wife had to use the Spatoilet immediately for her "number 2 business", unwillingly, but with (and on) comfort and warm seat at the lowest position, try the keys and it went for 100% (the operating and operation; )) she was satisfied.
When done she wanted to grab the toilet paper, we had to laugh both; force of habit.

I would say just mention your bank account, then the amount will be transferred.

With very much satisfaction and kind regards, .....